Product Supply Intern

Name: Dan

Role: Product Supply Intern

Location: Weybridge

Halfway through your internship you get the opportunity to deliver a presentation, talking through what you’ve done so far, what you’ve learnt, and what you plan to do with your remaining time. What’s really cool about my role is that I’ve been given a lot of freedom to take my own path through my projects, and the sense of ownership and responsibility is brilliant.

My personal experience of the mid-term was really positive, and the process of putting together the presentation gave me the chance to take stock of what I’ve learnt so far, and where I want my projects to go next. The feedback you receive is really important too, giving you fresh perspective on the scope and potential of your projects. I have really enjoyed planning my own schedule and leading meetings on a daily basis, as well as cracking on with analysis to test my ideas. One thing that has surprised me is how open the company structure is: people are more than happy to give you half an hour of their time!