Sales Intern

Name: Victoria

Role: Sales Intern

Location: Harrogate

My first week at P&G exceeded all of my expectations. Over a hundred interns, across all functions, got together for two days in London. The days were fully packed with speakers, trainings and social events. The best part of this experience was how incredibly nice and open all of the P&G employees were. As an intern, I truly felt welcome. Also, I got to meet with interns from completely different functions and I now have friends across the whole organization.

After these two days, all of the Sales interns had their training at the Brooklands office in London. We had three days filled with exciting and relevant training. The people I met and the experiences I had during this time is something I will never forget. I am only on my second day in the Harrogate office, but already I feel a part of the team and that my opinions are truly valued. It is amazing to receive such relevant projects, I feel like I can actually contribute to P&G’s real performance. Looking ahead I have three challenging projects to work on in the coming weeks and I know I will learn so much in this short amount of time.