Sales Intern

Name: Rhoda

Role: Sales Intern

Location: Harrogate

Length of internship: 10 Weeks

After the first week

My first week at P&G was packed with lots of activities to help get to know the Company and to meet loads of new people - it felt like the first day of university all over again! Going into a new company, not knowing anyone and not knowing much about the job can be a bit daunting - yet extremely exciting in the beginning. But everyone was in the same position so it was very easy to meet people, especially when everyone is really friendly.

Our trainers were very happy to help, they made the vast amount of knowledge we had to learn really fun and easy to understand, for example, we got involved in a supermarket sweep, learned about how consumers shop in store and there were a number of role playing scenarios and learning about an Oral-B toothpaste launch case study was one of my favourite sessions. Lastly, one of the social highlights were the table tennis battles, it got everyone up and moving. I guess being either incredibly good or incredibly embarrassing helps to break the ice!