Finance Intern

Name: Erica

Role: Finance Intern

Location: Weybridge

For a long period of time, my biggest dream has been to work for Procter & Gamble. Therefore I was extremely excited, happy, and enthusiastic when on July 4th I started my internship at P&G, in London, UK.

Our first week is now behind and it is with my greatest pleasure that I can say I could not be happier to call all these amazing people my co-workers. During this first week we have had a lot of opportunities to intensify our knowledge about P&G, hear about our projects and meet other interns. Each and every one of the interns that I have met has an incredible amount of wisdom and talent. The fact that I was in the same room, exactly in same situation with them felt unreal. I really was the happiest girl on Earth at that point.

After a two day on-boarding with all P&G UK interns from all functions, we had a functional on-boarding for all the finance interns. There are not many finance interns, which makes our group close and special: our skillsets are very diverse, therefore we really benefit from each other’s contribution.

After an amazing first week I am really looking forward to seeing what my remaining time at P&G will lead me to.