HR Intern

Name: Catriona

Role: HR Intern

Location: Cobalt Park, Newcastle

My first week at Procter & Gamble has been exactly and nothing like I expected. I assumed there would be on boarding and some form of induction but the pace here is so rapid that I’ve gone from ‘induction’ to ‘self-sufficient’ in under a week; and that is the beauty of Procter & Gamble. When people say ‘responsibility from day one’ they really are not kidding. I’ve been given specific projects that are extremely valuable to business needs and I take the approach I see best to manage them accordingly.

A week that started with networking and team building, with a huge group of equally enthusiastic and ambitious interns, has ended with researching challenging projects that are completely my own… I manage every aspect of what I do. I have gained so much knowledge in the past week and experienced such breadth of expertise that I am physically and mentally exhausted, but that is the reason I joined P&G. As a driven and motivated individual - the first week of this internship has wildly surpassed anything I would have imagined.