R&D Intern

Name: Alexa

Role: R&D Intern

Location: Newcastle, Innovation Centre

I didn’t expect to leave a rainy Cambridge and end up in an even rainier Newcastle for my R&D internship this summer. My first week at P&G kicked off with a social games night to get to know the other Newcastle Innovation Centre interns, who afterwards no longer seemed so intimidating. This was followed by the introductory Intern College in London, where I met P&G interns from all over the country. We learnt about the P&G peak performance factors and P&G culture, as well as having case studies on different brands.

Back in Newcastle, aside from the persistent cloud cover, my first week at P&G was much more exciting than I expected it to be. Unlike in some of my past internships, I felt truly welcome despite being an intern. By the second day in the office, I was already putting invites into Outlook calendars and having one on one meetings with experienced researchers and scientists. I immediately appreciated the relaxed atmosphere at Newcastle Innovation Centre, as well as the encouragement to be independent and think creatively about the project I was set on dispensing for laundry powders, which I am eager to investigate further.