Name: Mark

Current Role: Sales Manager

How long have you been at P&G for: 18 years

If you had to describe what working at P&G is like in three words what would they be?

  • Diverse
  • Enjoyable
  • Rewarding

Why did you apply to P&G?

I wanted to work for a World class company with great people and great brands.

What do you do in your role on a day to day basis?

I manage the UK distributor business in sales on our Fabric and Home care brands which consist of over 600 product lines and hundreds of smaller UK customers ranging from ASOS to Argos and Spar to Shoprite

What has your training and development been like during your time with P&G?

Learning and development is continuous at P&G.  We adopt at 70/20/10 approach which is a combination of doing “on the job”, observing and formal learning.  As the landscape changes so does our need to understand what is going on with consumers, customers and our organisation.

How is the work environment/culture at P&G?

Rewarding, challenging and diverse.

How have you been challenged at P&G?

In Sales no two days are the same. Challenges can come along at any time and meeting those head on and resolving issues is one of the greatest things I like about Sales.

 What advice would you give to somebody considering applying to P&G?

Have a very clear idea on the function you want to apply for, ensure you have the skills that best fit with the role and ensure you do your homework during the application process – practice online and written reasoning papers, research the company and Success Drivers and if you know someone who works for P&G chat to them to find out as much as you can before applying.