Name: Josie

Current Role: Sales, Graduate

Site: Weybridge

My experience at P&G...

As I approach my 7th week at P&G, I can honestly say that it has already been an incredible learning experience. Having completed a 3 week internship this summer, I must confess to thinking I had already learnt the basics.

However, within my first week of my training I swiftly realised this wasn’t the case. Thankfully, over the next weeks, I was guided through all this and more. I learnt about a range of topics, from communication to the consumer landscape. I met company leaders, who shared their stories and experience. I even sold an aubergine on a street corner- an experience I enjoyed so much I questioned whether I should in fact be a green grocer.

After a month, I was started on my role and again I had the humbling realisation that I still hadn’t mastered the basics. But just as before, I was surrounded by people to help. So, you leave me in a place where I know I have a lot more to learn, but I find this an exciting and empowering prospect, and I am full of confidence that I can do it with the help of the people around me. Wish me luck!